Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harvest of Fear

Harvest of Fear


Should we Grow GM Crops?

Instructions: Read the page and click YES or NO, reach the YES or NO...etc until you’ve read all the arguments -- You will need to do this 12 times in order for your votes to be tallied.
Navigate the site, each of the bold headings below are links within the site

1. What is a GM Crop.
1A. A GM Crop is a genetically modified food crop.

2. List 2 arguments FOR the growing of GM crops
2A. There are possible health benefits from eating GM food because more nutrients and vitamins can be added. Also, farmers can be positively impacted by GM crops because they won't need to use pesticide or herbicide.

3. List 2 arguments AGAINST the growing of GM crops.3A. There are possible health risks from eating GM food for people, GM food can cause allergies, some studies show. Also, farmers are negatively affected because of a patent of GM crops, or it may just be too expensive for them.

*Read some of the reader’s responses.

Engineer a Crop

4. Practice this simulation until you get the largest ears of corn. How many times did it take you?
4A. It took me four tries to have a successful season of corn.

What’s for Dinner?

*Click on the foods on the table to see what research is being done to bioengineer the foods.

5. List two foods and describe how they are being modified.
5A. Potatoes are being modified to be less absorbent, so that when they are fried they do not soak up all the oil. This way they can be healthier. Coffee beans are being modified so that they are not as high in caffeine.


*Read the article titled “Are GM Food Sufficiently Regulated in the US?”

Do you think food should be labeled if it has been genetically modified? Why or Why not?

Yes, I do think food should be labeled if it has been genetically modified. The people have a right to know what they are eating. It is only fair, also someone may have severe allergic reactions to something that is now in a certain food due to genetic modification and they could die. So the food should be labeled because the public needs and should know so that they are aware of the risk they are taking.

Finished? Go to and type "genetic engineering" in the search field. Browse some of the sites that pop up.

Write down any of the sites you visited below.

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